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Custom made tanks


The tanks customs made with supporting drawings, will respond to the parameters/conformities required by R.I.NA. and CE STANDARS:


The characteristics of the tanks are punched on a label welded on the tanks and are the followings:

Address and CAN’S mark brand, capacity in Lt., test to the pressure result, type of fuel to be utilized, month and year of construction.


For the construction of the tanks, are used 2 types of materials:

AISI 304-18/8

AISI 316-18/10


The thickness of the steel sheet used for the manufacture, if not specially requested, will follow the standard tanks table: Capacity/thickness. Based on the shape of tanks, the manufacture will also choose the thickness of the stell sheet for the tanks and baffles. (See page 74).


To order a custom made tank, the following information are need:


  1. Specified measurements in mm.: Length – Width – Heigth. The measures are intended without connestions: for these add 40 mm. to the height.
  2. Specify the type of fuel inlet: if thereaded with cap or if with smooth inlet D. 40-50-60.
  3. The type of fuel-gauge: mechanical installed or if with a plate with 5 holes, ready to take a fuel-sensor.
  4. Type of liquid: petrol, diesel or water.
  5. If an inspection porthole has to be applied
  6. If fixing straps or fixing plates are required.

On tanks of regular shapes, the manufacturer suggest the installation of our ART. B02150, comprehensive of all connection needed for the functioning of the tanks.



  • The price for a custom made tank with regular shape, and not on the tank-tabl, will be increased of 5% in respect of a tank with the same capacity on the tank-table.
  • The price for a custom made tank with an irregular shape, i.e. trapezoidal, triangular, etc., will be increased of 20% in respect of a tank with the same capacity on the tank-table.
  • On request and to be charged, can be effectuated the service of painting the tank with a protective transparent bicomponent varnish.