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Instructions for the use of fixed stainless steel tanks


The tanks used to contain liquid fuels and having a flash point inferior to 328K (55°) (such as petrol, kerosene and similars) should be detached from the craft’s hull and should be placed in ventilated areas, as far as possible from the engine or from other heat sources so that they are out of the heat influence. If it is necessary they should be protected by a fireproofing and absorbent shield. They do not have to be positioned in the lodgings rooms. Place them in a passage way. Expose directly to the sun is absolutely forbidden.

It is dangerous to use the mas seats.

The tanks containing other kind of fuel winth a flash point superior to 328K (55°) (diesel for example) should be installed following the instrucions given by craft’s manufacturer.

The tanks should be joined to the feeding system, to the fuel pick up and to the vent by means of certified hoses clamped with hose clips. The fuel vents should be taken to the external part of the craft. We suggest to protect the tanks from the galvanic currents by applyng an earth wire to the earth system of the craft. The tank shoul be installed with adequate fixing straps, that should be prefably in stanless steel and should surround it from its higher part to its lower one.

We suggest to place the lower part of the tank on a rubber sheet. The contact of the tank to the base should be total, not partial, so that the weight could be well distributed on the whole tank.


Before using thetank, pelase check:

  • That inside are not left debris/impurities (we suggest in any case to aspirate in order to avoid the obstruction of the filters).
  • The tank is completely dry.


The manufacturer is not responsable for any damages occurred to things or people caused by a wrong installation, by a tampering of the fitting which should be substitutes or modified only by a qualified technicians, or by inadequate protection of the tank from the galvanic currents.


All the tanks are “CE” certified. The “CE” certification is on the identification place, on which there are also all the information concerning the tank, such as the address of the manufacturer, the date of manufacture. The kind of fuel that has to be used, pression test and certified shape.

The tank is guaranteed 1 year since the manufacture date (see the date on the identification plate).

If the purchase take place after the warranty expiring date, we suggest to control the tank carefully and to keep the relative invoice.